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Our clients say

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Evans prides itself in outstanding customer service. We work very hard to provide the highest level of customer service. This is confirmed by hundreds of our clients whom Evans has helped to buy, rent or sell their property over the last fifteen years.

Our Clients Say

Thank you Maria Pogarskaya!

Karina, After interviewing several real estate agents to represent the rental of my apartment at the Cocoa Exchange, 1 Wall St. Court, NY, NY, I made the decision to allow Maria to initiate showing the unit earlier in the year. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Maria in person. Our conversations have taken place over the phone, email, text and WhatsApp. Her professionalism should be noted. After arranging to photograph and list my apt. for rent, we soon had a renter. I was very pleased with her communication and follow up.

I then decided to sell my apt. Of course, I listed it through Maria. Again, I was very pleased with her professionalism throughout the process. After multiple showing and offers, a buyer was cultivated and my unit closed 6/29. Her follow up throughout the process was outstanding both with myself and my attorney here in NJ. She made herself available during the entire process, part of which I was away for the month of May. I have bought and sold many properties in the past 20 years. This is the first letter I have written commending a real estate agent. From a Seller's perspective, it was a pleasure dealing with someone who embraces their profession.

I look forward to possibly being on the Buyers side with Maria in the future.

Best regards,

Stephen Swiderski

Thank you Maria Pogarskaya!

Now that we have committed to a purchase I’d like your agreement to use the name of Maria Pogarskaya in an independent review, and if it’s okay with you, I’d like to know if there is anywhere in particular you’d like to see your name mentioned in highly positive terms.

To be honest, from the very beginning (which was cold-call enquiries to a dozen or so real estate brokers) I encountered nothing but uninterested, lazy responses from the few brokers, lawyers and accountants that bothered to respond at all, with the sole exception of yourself. Perhaps the sum of money involved was too small to interest them, but I made it clear this could end up being a “trial run” for larger potential investment. For obvious reasons, I won’t be mentioning any names of the bad ones :)

Your own response was at the other end of the spectrum; highly personalised service, and prompt thorough responses (despite the 11 hour time difference that made me wonder whether you ever take the time to sleep). When you took a day of your busy schedule to show us around, your level of interest on our behalf and depth of insight into the various options available went far beyond anything I expected. I want people to know they do not have to accept the mediocre norm, since there are great people out there for the buyers if you know where to look – not just for the sellers.

Regards, David Cook

Thank you Dmitry Stasyuk!

I have had the great pleasure of knowing Dmitry Stasyuk. I would give Dmitry my highest recommendation. Dmitriy knows the New York City market inside out and everybody involved in it. In touring properties and meeting with owners and leasing agents, it quickly became apparent that Dmitry is one of the most respected real estate agents in town. As a result, he was able to find the perfect apartment for me. He also specializes in commercial real estate; He is very attentive and highly personable with an engaging personality. I’m pleased to recommend Dmitry Stasyuk to anyone who is looking to rent an apartment or office space.

Sincerely, Maksym Dubossarsky

Thank you Adriana Santos!

My agent Adriana has been very helpful during the whole process. It's been long since I last rented in NYC thus I had a lot of questions. She was quite patient and answered my questions very quickly. I am thankful for her service.

Sincerely, Xinxin Cai

Obrigada a Adriana Santos!

Eu gostaria de recomendar os serviços imobiliários da Adriana da Evans Real Estate. Entrei em contato com ela por telefone para achar um apartamento para meu filho que ia fazer um estagio no Banco Safra em New York. O fato de ela ser uma corretora que fala Português me facilitou a comunicação das prioridades para o perfil dele, após uma longa conversa decidimos que ela nos ajudaria a encontrar um apartamento para alugar em NYC. Nós precisávamos de um apartamento de última hora, não tínhamos muito tempo, ela trabalhou extensivamente para encontrar o apartamento ideal, devotando o seu tempo e experiência. A Adriana é muito paciente e prestativa, uma corretora muito profissional e foi além das nossas expectativas. Com certeza recomendariamos os serviços dela e da Evans Real Estate.

Monica Holanda

Thanks To Chrystel Garipuy !

I would like to say thank you to Chrystel. She extremely quickly found an excellent apartment for us. Thank You for excellent quality of service and help. Chrystel always returned our calls and emails almost immediately and we felt she was very involved. I'll be glad to see you again and also I definitely will recommend you to my friends.

Svetlana Nosova

Thanks To Teya Beradze

We are very happy with Teya! From the first time we met, we felt comfortable enough to express to Teya exactly what we were looking for in an apartment. She gave us many options and thanks to that, we were able to find our New York apartment. Teya was friendly, professional, and all together very efficient. In a very short period of time, she was able to get us a handful of apartment visits. Once we found the apartment we wanted, she even negotiated the price of the apartment in order to accomodate our price range. All together, Teya made us feel secure and at ease in a difficult and stressful situation. Thank you Teya!

Florence Poirier

Thanks To Adriana Santos

Adriana has been most helpful in finding my apartment. After a brief description of what I was looking for, she showed me three or four apartments and I was luckily able to pull the trigger on the last one. Adriana made the whole experience so much easier and this is what I liked about the experience. I happily recommend Adriana.

Wolfgang Held

Thanks To Maria Pogarskaya

I had the pleasure of having Maria Pogarskaya as my real estate broker and I'd like to say a few words about the great experience. From the start, Maria was very professional and hard working, she was very good in helping me understand my options and also spend a lot of time showing me many places at the time that was convenient to me. I am now a home owner in the difficult NYC market and I feel really lucky about how smooth the process has been. Overall my experience was extremely pleasant and I would highly recommend her and your agency to my friends.

Alex Aleshinskiy

Thanks To Elena Sudzhyan

I want to say thank to Evans Real Estate for the help and productive cooperation during apartment search. Everything was done with a high professionalism and attention. I will highly recommend your agency to everybody. Thanks again and I wish you success and prosperity!

Alexandra Golovina

Thanks To Teya Beradze

It is with pleasure and gratitude that I share comments on my experience with Teya Beradze in the purchase of my Manhattan apartment. I found exactly what I wanted thanks to her tenacious efforts, commitment to excellence and infinite patience. It was a complete blessing working with Teya every step of the way and I could not be happier with the results. I am so grateful for all her efforts and love my new home. I could not have done it with out her.
There is no one I could recommend with more confidence.

Gregg Paine

Alexandra Golovina

Thanks To Chrystel Garipuy

Dear Karina, I’d like to express my appreciation of Chrystel’s help with this testimonial: We felt lucky to have Chrystel as our guide and consultant when we searched for an investment property in New York. Instead of pushing for a deal, Chrystel patiently showed us a great variety of choices and helped us to zero down to the one we really liked. Throughout the closing process, Chrystel was also extremely helpful in helping us to deal with the often frustrating process with the banks. We’d be more than happy to refer Chrystel to our friends and come back to her should we decide to invest in New York again!


Thanks To Adriana Santos

I started hunting for an apt last MAY. And everything was settled by this April! During this long process, Adriana was always patient, helpful, gave me all kinds of suggestions and info. Her professionalism and reliability really impressed me! I will definitely recommend her to others!!!

Stella Gu

Thanks To Sabrina Saneaux

The services by Evans Real Estate Investments was very efficient.We urgently needed to rent an apartment and we quickly found something that suited our needs. Especially diligent and helpful was our agent Sabrina Saneaux.

Carlos Macia

Thanks To Sabrina Saneaux

From the beginning we felt that our inquiries where taken seriously. We received our initial listings by email and they were subsequently discussed by telephone. You informed us in detail about the process of the real estate market. The differences to the German market and " mentality " where clearly explained so that we could gain good insight . In addition, you facilitated our contact with the lenders and supported us by phone /email.
Once in NYC, we felt welcomed. Although we found the city overwhelming, you made us feel at ease. After we began searching for property, it was clear that our best interests where represented:. the owners were questioned properly , all the "fine prints" discussed. And finally you have found us the work space we had " dreamed of' in Brooklyn. The real estate agency was not only limited to the property visit. You've helped us to make contact with the banks, which was very helpful in getting started.
The negotiations with a German speaking agent on the side has given us confidence and a piece of home . We will work on any event in the future with your company, whether it is to purchase a home (it's in the near future ) or retail space ( in the distant future ) . Thank you, Sabrina.

Emmy Nguyen

Thanks to Chrystel Garipuy

I am writing you to recommend the outstanding efforts Chrystel gave during what proved to be a long and difficult process -- the purchase of our new apartment. We worked for Chrystel for nearly 6 months, and during that time she showed us a number of apartments, several of which we bid on and lost. While each bidding war failure was a frustrating and emotionally draining experience, Chrystel always managed to keep us focused on the bigger picture, that we'd eventually find the right place at the right price.
Then she showed us the apartment at 372 DeKalb that we eventually closed on. The apartment had been shown previously and an offer had been accepted, but that fell through. I believe we were the first to see the place upon being relisted. We loved it and bid the asking price the following day, which the sellers tacitly accepted. However, they were unable to formally accept and go into contract because the sale of our own apartment was not yet on stable footing (that is a story too long to go into here, but suffice it to say it was miserable), and so the sellers continued to show the place for another 5 weeks before we finally went into contract. Throughout this period Chrystel continued to show us apartments, and to chime in usefully with suggestions about how we might better move along our sale.
Things were looking up and we expected an easy time with the rest of the purchase process. However, there was a major problem with the board, which thought the price that had been accepted was too low. For two weeks we were in limbo. Chrystel and the sellers' agent really went to work to try to goose the approval process forward. In the end, it was successful; the board stepped aside and allowed the sale to proceed. Simply put, this could not have happened without Chrystel's energy and dedication to us and our interests.

Zachary Ross and Megan Shand

Thanks to Sabrina Saneaux

Thank you for your genuine concern and efforts on my behalf. I will give your name out every time I hear someone needs a broker. I give you six out of five stars!

César A. Alfonso, M.D.

Grazie a Marco Martini!

A dire la verità non eravamo affatto sicuri di voler acquistare un appartamento a New York. Nonostante la forza dell’euro sul dollaro eravamo non poco preoccupati di imbatterci in complicazioni dovute alla distanza e soprattutto alla comprensione di meccanismi burocratici che non conoscevamo. Marco è stato in grado di chiarire molto velocemente tutti i nostri dubbi, e ci ha seguiti in tutte le fasi della trattativa dalla selezione dell’appartamento alla preparazione per il rogito, rendendo il processo molto facile e gradevole


Obrigado a Adriana Santos

Comprar um apartamento em Nova Iorque é uma tarefa difícil, que requer muitas informações sobre o mercado, mas, principalmente, paciência por parte dos corretores, pois é um verdadeiro trabalho de garimpo encontrar o imóvel adequado, tendo em vista a escassa oferta de unidades. No meu caso tive a sorte de conhecer a Adriana Santos, da Evans, que desde o início se mostrou paciente e compreensiva, sempre pesquisando novas opções e nunca pressionando para o negócio ser realizado (o que é raro em NY, onde ninguém quer perder muito tempo). Além da seriedade com que a Adriana tratou minha compra, posso afirmar que foi principalmente a paciência dela que me deixou seguro para fechar no negócio dos meus sonhos. Recomendo!

Ulisses – Upper West

Thanks to Teya Beradze

Now that I am happily settled into my new apartment, I just wanted to take time and thank you for your expertise and guidance in securing my apartment. Right from the start you responded with several good options in the vicinity that I wished to live in that were within the price range that I had given you. You were very flexible in arranging times to view apartments and once we settled on the place that I wished to live (which is a co-op sublet) you very adroitly guided me though the myriad of paperwork required and meeting me, sometimes on weekends and off hours, at times and places most convenient to me and finally making sure that everything was complete and in order to submit for approval then checking up on seeing that process through all the way to the meeting with the co-op board members. This time consuming process was completed in a most timely manner as a result of your coaching and caring about making sure everything was properly handled, and in order and submitted to meet the deadline required to obtain this highly sought after apartment.
And know that I will highly recommend you to anyone I know (or don’t know) who is looking for an apartment to rent or buy.

J. Ronald Shetler

Thanks To Maria Pogarskaya !

Many thanks to Maria. It has been very comfotable to work with Maria when I've been looking for and buying a condo for my daughter. She has been recommended to me by my friends from REMAX Canada. She is very professional, intellegent, polite and helpful. It took us more than three months to choose, estimate and buy a condo and all the tasks she has done perfectly. She is very patient and most important she very quickly understood what we been looking for and offered us what we been needed. My daughter is happy in new condo in Bushwick and so we are. Many thanks Maria. Good luck. God bless you. Nikolajs and Zanna Samodurovi.

Nikolaj and Zanna Samodurovi

Thanks To Chrystel Garipuy !

I would like to greatly thank Chrystel Garipuy for her professionalism and her efficiency, her commitment and her kindness. Without her I would still be running left and right to find an apartment in Manhattan. I relocated from Paris to work in New York and I had not measured the difficulty to find a good apartment in my budget and close to my work. Very quickly Chrystel led me to good choices and helped me find in urgency the apartment where I live now and where I feel so good!
I highly recommend Chrystel who will know how to find the best option for you

Pierre Vigroux

Thanks To Maria Pogarskaya!

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Maria Pogarskaya who was our broker for the purchase of New York apartment. Maria is very easy and pleasant to communicate and get along with. She has elephant patience and super positive attitude. She was fully dedicated to find us our perfect apartment and was readily available at any time. In addition to having great personality, Maria has unparalleled professionalism. She is knowledgeable and organized. We felt she truly represented OUR interests every minute of the process. She always gave her honest opinion; kept on top of every issue; explained, anticipated and brought issues to our attention and answered every question (regardless if it would benefit her or not). She was always ready to discuss, listen and provide support. She would go above and beyond her direct responsibilities as a broker to help with any issues that arose. Most of all she would never misrepresent or give you wrong or incomplete information. Her advice and expertise were vital and saved us money at multiple points from price negotiations to contract signing to obtaining mortgage. Being first time buyers we could not have asked for a more professional, responsible and dedicated broker. I would highly recommend Maria to anyone who considers buying a property in New York. Thanks Maria!


Thanks To Martini Gerard!

I recently relocated from a very large house in a rural area to New York and worked with Martine Gerard. She helped me to find the ideal apartment on the Upper West Side. Martine is extremely thorough and has excellent attention to detail. I was impressed by her follow-through, especially when tracking down information. She spent as much time as I needed to research and view apartments. During the extensive time she spent with me, she was always pleasant, knowledgeable and supportive. Martine’s work in assembling the paperwork for the application was another aspect of this move that was essential to easing the way into the city. I am comfortably situated, and so much of that is due to Martine’s hard work. I do not hesitate to recommend Martine and have already done so to a number of my friends.

Peg Bradshaw

Merci à Helena Kamalidenova!

Nous nous sommes portés acquéreur d’un appartement à NY, via l’intermédiaire de votre agence et particulièrement de Helena Kamalidenova. Nous avons apprécié son travail et avons rapidement sympathisé avec elle. Le fait de pouvoir lui faire confiance a été un élément très appréciable. Elle a travaillé de façon efficace et surtout en inspirant une confiance particulièrement nécessaire dans le cadre de ce genre de transaction. Nous allons donc continuer à travailler avec Evans pour la location de cet appartement.


Obrigada a Adriana e Teya

As Sr. Adriana Santos e Teya, tendo trabalhado no mês de Julho e Agosto, em função de locar um imóvel no qual foi realizado com eficácia e eficiência, demonstrando isso em todo tempo de trabalho realizado. Adorei o tempo que estiveram a disposição e me ajudaram em todos os sentidos. Sem duvida são excelentes profissionais e adequadas ao trabalho realizado. Portanto, informo por meio desta reafirmar meu entendimento de que são qualidades de ambas: competência, honestidade, capacidade e idoneidade, pelo que entendemos ser nossa obrigação de comunicar como ótima contratação de sua empresa, na qual certamente terá muito a acrescentar.

Aline Reis

Grazie a Marco Martini!

“Ho avuto la possibilità di conoscere il Sig. Marco Martini in occasione della trattativa e successivo acquisto di un appartamento a Manhattan, ho riscontrato grande disponibilità e professionalità nell’assistenza a tutte le pratiche burocratiche necessarie, per me fondamentale perché risiedo in Italia e e non parlo bene l’inglese. In seguito il sig. Martini è stato delegato alla gestione della messa a reddito dell’appartamento, in un periodo in cui la crisi economica specie a NYC era al culmine, trovando sempre le soluzioni accettabili e sopratutto mantenendo uno stretto contatto con me. Voglio aggiungere che mi sono servito anche di consulenti da lui consigliati come avvocato e fiscalista trovando competenza e professionalità

Alessandro (5th AVENUE)

Merci à Chrystel Garip!

Madame, Nous souhaitons vous faire part de notre grande satisfaction d’avoir fait appel au service de votre société pour l’acquisition d’un appartement à New-York cette année. Nous souhaitons particulièrement remercier très sincèrement Chrystel Garipuy qui a fait preuve d’une grande efficacité et d’une patience particulière dans la conduite de notre projet. Elle nous a accompagnés tout au long des dix mois qu’a duré la procédure et a su nous conseiller de manière très professionnelle dans un environnement économique et juridique que nous maitrisions mal, n’hésitant pas à nous soutenir au moment où nous étions prêts à abandonner notre projet...Sa parfaite connaissance du marché de l’immobilier new yorkais ainsi que les contacts dont elle dispose nous ont permis de réaliser une transaction dont nous n’avons qu’à nous satisfaire.

T. et J. Nakhlé

Merci à Chrystel Garip!

Je voudrais remercier particulièrement Chrystel Garipuy pour son professionnalisme son efficacité, son implicaion et sa gentillesse. Sans elle je serai encore en train de courir a droite a gauche pour trouver un appartement à louer dans Manhattan!
En provenance de Paris je suis arrivé sur NYC pour travailler et je n’avais pas mesuré la difficulté de trouver un apart dans mon budget et dans un quartier pas trop loin de mon travail. Très vite elle m’a aiguillé vers de bons choix et m’a aidé a trouver dans l’urgence mon apart dans lequel je suis maintenant tellement bien installé !
Je vous recommande fortement Chrystel elle sera trouver la meilleure option pour vous

Pierre Vigroux

Thanks To Karina Sagiev!

We have used Karina Sagiev's services for several years. Leasing, subleasing, renting residential and commercial.space for our corporate and residential use. The knowledge of the subject is unsurpassed. Professionalism, responsiveness, and processing and handling are all high marks. Karina's negotiating skills deliver the terms that you could not expect. Karina is a rare find in her field, and a great pleasure to work with. We highly recommend her.

Leo Slepak President Kron Pharma, Inc.

Grazie a Marco Martini!

Un amica ci ha consigliati di rivolgerci a Marco Martini per l’acquisto di un appartamento a New York. Lui ci ha ricevuti nel suo ufficio, e dopo una chiacchierata dove gli abbiamo esposto le nostre esigenze e raccontato un po’ della nostra vita ed abitudini, ha subito svolto sapientemente una ricerca specifica. In soli 2 giorni ci ha fatto vedere una serie di appartamenti che rispondevano perfettamente a quello che volevamo e, laddove non lo erano, sono comunque serviti di confronto per confermare quello che alla fine ci è piaciuto in assoluto e che abbiamo preso. Ci ha seguiti passo passo in tutte le operazioni inerenti l’acquisto. Avevamo già provato due anni prima con un’ agenzia americana ma, non eravamo stati accontentati. Quindi possiamo dire che se oggi abbiamo un appartamento a New York è soprattutto grazie all’operato attento di Marco

Laura e Franco (GRAMERCY)

Thanks To Helena Kamalidenova!

I would like to thank you once again for the outstanding service you have provided in our search. Your availability, pro-activeness, kindness and efficiency have made this process enjoyable and quick, while it's usually painful and long!
We will undoubtedly recommend Evans to any friend looking for an apartment in New York City. Thanks again.

Philippe et Manuela Blondiaux

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